Stasi Informer Ernst–Jürgen Hennig

The German newspaper BILD published a report on July 17th, 2012 about the informer Ernst-Jürgen Hennig alias IM Pankow, showing his photograph. He had given information about the location of the tunnel on Sebastianstraße. As a consequence of his betrayal, Siegfried Noffke was shot and killed by Stasi-murderer Lehmann, and Dieter Hötger was critically wounded by seven bullets. In contrary to the report Henning is not living in Hohenschönhausen but on the outskirts of Pankow.

Hennig had most likely not reckoned upon Noffke's death. He even tried to slam the cellar door in front of Lehman after he had started shooting, but in vain, instead Henning got wounded himself. In conclusion: whoever allows himself to become involved with a criminal organization must also bear the consequences! And finally: betrayal has no expiration date!

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