• Did you flee from the GDR before the wall was built or after its completion?
  • Did you have help from non-governmental organizations, particularly escape helpers from the West?
  • Were you personally an escape helper in any capacity?
  • Were you active in the escape helper scene for other reasons (i.e., as a journalist, politically involved, etc.)?

Here you can:

  • Post your address, so that others can read it.
  • Search for former acquaintances.
  • Get in touch with me (also through my e-mail), if you'd like to contribute to the next edition of my book "Wege durch die Mauer."
  • Find out who facilitated your escape, and on which run.
  • Also, who snitched on you during an attempted escape, etc.

If you have confidential information, it would be best to send me an e-mail. You can rest assured, that no unauthorized or State employed person will see it!

And finally, good luck on the contact page of!
Sincerely, B. Veigel

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Comment by Brenda Hicks Nesbitt |

I have been researching the story of an American female student who was arrested on November 24th, 1965 for "stattsverratt". Mary Hellen Battle was attempting to help a young German Army deserter -- whose name, may or may not, have been Sammy Braun. She was first taken to the Magdalenenstraße, then to Hohenschönenhausen and kept for six months until she was convicted and sent to Bauzen II. With the help of Cornelia Liebold, a former staff member at Bautzen, I was able to find her name and basic info. I have since been in contact with her. She wrote an autobiography in English: "Every Wall Shall Fall". She is now 76 and has Alzheimer's, so little further info can be found with her help. She was arrested at "Sammy Braun's" home in the East. Sammy's mother was also taken off in a separate car. I suspect -- and so does she -- that either Sammy, his mother, or a friend named Harold was the snitch. This is the remaining mystery in her story. I have just found your website. Is there any way you can help me with my next step in this research? It is simply this: who was the snitch who betrayed her? I would use this information to write a memoir of my own time in Berlin as a student at the FU -- where I first heard that an American student had been arrest from fellow students at Gelfertst. 45. The story had always intrigued me, and I've only recently been able to follow up on it. Again, I would very much like to pursue it until the last mystery is solved. I would appreciate any help you could offer.
With every good wish -- Brenda Hicks Nesbitt